If Taco Bell were a credit union they would change their name to Mexican Food Bell. I mean, after all, they don’t JUST serve tacos anymore. Now they have chalupas and chimichangas and burritos, taquitos — great cheap Mexican food. How will people know they have all of these other things if they don’t change the name?
Consider this. Fred Meyer. To anyone living in the Northwest you know what this is. To people on the East Coast they will tell you they’ve never met him. They never will. Fred’s dead. But Freddy’s lives on. Fred Meyer pioneered the concept of one-stop-shopping. I grew up with Fred Meyer. You’ll find it at Freddy’s was a tagline the company adopted by listening to its customers. You could buy a doorstop a carton of milk and some flip flops at Freddys. And this was in 1975!! Today Fred Meyer is owned by Kroger. But the good folks at Kroger knew better than to change that name. Fred may be dead, but his idea lives on.
Credit Unions could learn a lot from this.