Niagra Falls. I’ll admit it, I’ve read nothing about the history or discovery of the falls. I imagine way back before Christopher Columbus discovered America someone “discovered” the falls by accident. But didn’t live to tell about it. Thanks to television, we’ve all “seen” the falls by now. And the marketing tells us that it is a very romantic spot. Great for honeymooners. It always looks so majestic and cold and a place you’d want to snuggle.
To get to NF you have to go through Buffalo. NY, just off the I-90. The moment I turned to cross the border into Canada I had to open my wallet. $2.50 to cross the bridge. $20.00 to park my car. $220.00 plus tax for the room at the Marriott ( $19.95 to get on the Internet to post this Blog. And now I’m ready to see the falls up close.
I walk out the back of the hotel and I see this big directional sign: Casino, T.G.I.F., The Keg, Shopping Mall, Planet Hollywood and the obligatory phallic building with expensive restaurant at the top. You know the drill. If the Falls weren’t so noisy you’d swear you were in any tacky tourist city USA. You never see all this crap in the pictures of the falls. You don’t see the thousands of tourists and screaming kids. You don’t get to enjoy the drunk American that wandered out of the Casino into the Asian restaurant where I chose to eat waving some plastic card screaming about the buffet.
NF is frosting on the pig. It WAS — one of the most magnificent sites in the world. Surrounded by rich, green forests. Now it’s just another mall attraction — another reason to go to a Casino. Just like Atlantic City, New Jersey, (what a waste of a perfectly good beach).
A good friend of mine went to Egypt several years ago. She couldn’t wait to see the pyramids. In the brochures and on TV it looks as if they are in the middle of the desert accessible only by the sturdiest of Jeeps or a stinky camel. When in fact, the Hilton is right across the street. That’s marketing baby! Don’t show what’s REALLY going on, or no one will come.