I’m originally from Portland, Oregon. The land of no tolls. I think the only one I’ve ever paid was to leave Oregon — The Bridge of the Gods, and the Astoria Bridge. I blame Washington.
I’ve been on the I-90 for two days now — almost 1000 miles, and over $25.00 in tolls. It begins with the Mass Pike, then the New York Tollway, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois. Every state charged me to drive this road.
I have this theory about hotel rooms that I find now applies to tollways.
In a hotel — the price of the room is in direct proportion to the size of the soap.
The price of the tollway has nothing to do with the length of the road — but rather the quality of those “rest areas” I assume they fund. If you’re from the West (left) coast our rest areas are literally that. A place to pee. Rest. Walk the dog. If you pay a toll you will have not only a bathroom but a game room complete with Pac Man, a gift shop to buy everything from t-shirts with that state’s name on them to shot glasses, Beanie Babies (now I know where they’ve all gone) and overpriced toiletries.
You also have a McDonald’s, Sbarro, Starbucks, Burger King, Hardee’s, Cinnabon, Nathan’s….just to name a few.
You could eat yourself silly every 20 miles or so. What I want to know though — why no toilet seat covers??? Is that an East Coast thing? Ohio had the holders — but they were empty. You’d think for $25.00 I wouldn’t have to make my own….