I was speaking to a room full of marketers last week in Ohio. I asked how many of them had registered for the national DO NOT CALL registry. Every single one of them had. Then I continued, curious. How many had spam filters and pop-up blockers on their computers? Not surprising — everyone again. How many had TiVo or DVRs? About half. For the benefit of the “have nots” I asked TiVo owners why they are willing to pay another monthly fee to watch television that they are already paying for. Number one reason? To ZAP (skip through) commercials. Okay — this is fun. How many have XM or Sirius Satellite Radio OR an iPod. Lots of them. And the final question — the bonus round. How many marketing professionals own a shredder!?!?!? All of them rose their hands laughing.
These folks were willing to pay for devices that insulated their lives from….marketing. Don’t call me. Don’t mail me your crap. Don’t bother my television time. Stay out of my car. Leave me alone when I’m online. Marketing is dead.
All that is left? Besides billboards? Word of Mouth.
That is modern marketing. You can’t beg for business any more. Now you have to earn it.