When a big publisher picks up my book and we have to print a second edition, KINK is going to be a chapter. KINK is tattoo-worthy.
Radio is facing competition like never before. XM, Sirius, iPods. There are lots of things you can bring into your car that will prevent you from ever turning on the good old radio. Why then did KINK just offer live streaming audio of their station on the internet? I mean why would anyone want to listen to the radio on their computer? Because KINK is that good and they have a loyal following and some of us (me) have moved out of their area and need a good KINK fix.
KINK began as an experiment over 30 years ago. I was on a field trip with my Blue Bird troop when I “met” the first KINK DJ. It was a big room full of buttons. There was no real DJ. Their promise was to be “true to the music.” They cannot be easily labeled. They are not country, jazz, rock, top-40, hip-hop. In fact, the play it all IF it’s good.
So who’s to say if it’s good or not? The KINK people. I have no idea who these folks are, but they have a knack for finding songs on “B” sides, buried in albums or back rooms of local bars — and these songs rock. They are like the scouts at Nike who can find the hot athlete before the world knows they’re hot. A typical playlist today looks like this: Snow Patrol, Gnarls Barkley, Mary Gauthier, Donavon Frankenreiter, Feist, and Los Lonely Boys. Oh, and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Train and Madeline Peyroux. You cannot find another station in the US that plays that kind of diversity.
If you tune in today you will experience the Deep 06 Summer. Here’s the blurb from their website http://www.kink.fm: Listen to KINK as we dig up the most overlooked albums of all time. These are the albums and CDs that are full of great songs, but for some reason, never made it big. We’re not talking Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” or Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” here. Rather, we’re looking for those undiscovered gems.
Yesterday they featured Billy Joel’s Turnstiles album from 1976!! My husband and I were in high school when that came out and we still know the words to I’ve Loved These Days. How is that? I can’t remember what I had for dinner last night but as soon as that song came on, I grabbed my wine glass and sang into it with all my might.
They have DJs now and they are intelligent, informed, and also true to the music and to their listeners. Les Sarnoff has been the morning DJ for as long as I can remember. Mike Rich still makes an occasional appearance on KINK. He was their news director for years and then bought a book “How to Write a Screenplay” and ended up winning some big writer’s award and having his first attempt made into a movie starring Sean Connery. Finding Forrester. Not bad for a hobby. We all lived that moment with Mike. He’s a cool guy.
They are not afraid to have opinions on local subjects. Just click on KINK Considers on their website and see what’s going on. Or tune in after 10pm and relax to KINK Lights Out. Sunday mornings KINK goes all natural for Accoustic Sunrise and Subject Earth reminds us that we are in the Northwest where we love trees. Yes, sometimes we even hug them.
Here’s my point. KINK IS true to the music. They have been for over 30 years. They are constantly reinventing themselves to stay relevant TO that promise. It’s very rare to find a company today that has the guts to stay true to their brand, their passion and their audience. Most companies subscribe to the strategy-of-the-month club to make a bigger buck.
KINK has made the competition irrelevant. Enjoy.