This is the title of a great little book by Janelle Barlow and Claus Moller. And I have to say, gets it. They considered my complaint to be a gift — an opportunity to improve their organization, rather than something to get defensive about or worse yet, ignore all together.
The top three reasons most people will never complain:
1. They don’t think you care.
2. Even if you do care, nothing will change.
3. Fear of conflict.
So most of us go around not complaining to the company — but rather to each other ABOUT the company. Okay — I did both. And the CEO of, a Mr. Jerrod Sessler is my official Tattoo-Worthy Boss of the Month. Which I just made up but hope I can make a regular part of this BLOG.
Not only did he have his customer service folks contact me within 24 hours of my complaint, they offered no excuses for Scott’s blowing me off, but rather understood my frustration, and asked me to give them a second chance. They gave me the name of their highest rated handyman (which means they DO care about the quality of their brand) and a $50.00 gift card. She also told me that Jerrod would be contacting me soon. The next day I got a bouquet of flowers with a great little note: “We are in business to make people’s lives better. I am sorry that we fell short so far but we want to prove we care! Jerrod Sessler, HomeTask CEO. That’s good stuff.
THEN the next day I got a package from In the box was a beautifully wrapped (which means he sprung for the extra 3 bucks for gift wrap) copy of Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard. A favorite of mine. The card read: “Denise, ordered your book & plan to enjoy. Recently read Raving Fans & we now include it in training at HomeTask. I thought you would enjoy a copy for your library. Dreaming of an HT tattoo design…Best regards, Tattoo-Worthy Boss of the Month — Jerrod Sessler, HomeTask CEO. Please go to and give them a try. I’m having a garbage disposal installed by them very soon.