Okay, maybe I am a feminist. But I have to tell you — it is a man’s world. When it comes to business travel, I know what it feels like to be a minority. Today is a perfect example. I’m flying from Seattle to Chicago (currently stuck) and onto Hartford, CN. In the Red Carpet Room as I gaze around me I see only 3 women. All the rest are men – and it is packed in here. AND those three women appear to be traveling partners or vacationers. The TV is on at the bar (which only has BUD and BUD LIGHT on tap) and is playing some kind of sporting event. Every stool at the bar is occupied by a man in a wrinkled shirt, and ill fitting slacks with his big CrackBerry on his belt.
In a WOMAN’S world we would be watching What Not to Wear. Screaming at the set in horror at bad shoe decisions — and cheering with delight when the soccer mom from Racine decides to finally cut her 80’s hair! We would have chocolate martinis in our hands and there would be microbrews on tap. There would be a manicure/pedicure salon where the “smoking room” currently is. There’s nothing RED about the Red Carpet Room. It’s actually rather beige. If it were a woman’s world — we would fix that.
When I went to buy my first suitcase for business travel I discovered that all suitcases are built for the man’s wardrobe. Suit, dress shirt, tie. The garment bag is the classic example. If it chicks rules the business travel world you would have a suitcase with a separate department just for shoes. So they don’t touch your clothes — some kind of trough where you could get at least six pairs in there. The new TSA requirements — All liquid items (and this includes mascara and liquid eyeliner for god’s sake) must fit in one clear, re-sealable quart-sized plastic bag, in containers of 3.4oz or less. Are you kidding me? What woman traveling for business is that low maintenance? My hair products alone won’t fit in that bag. I rent my cars through AVIS. They were trying to help out the business traveler by giving them toothpaste, shave cream, and cheap shampoo when you rent a car. That’s all it takes for a dude to go to a meeting. I gave it back to them.
People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue had an entire section devoted to sexy bald men, sexy men who dared to go grey and sexy men with glasses. People magazine ran an issue on women at 40, 50, and 60 who still look 30! There is no pressure for a man to look 30. He’s allowed to be sexy bald, grey, fat and wearing ugly glasses, and we will still print him on the page. Unless he’s gay. When C & C Music Factory made their video for the hit song “Everybody Dance Now” the fabulous
And don’t even get me started with the music industry. Try this right now. Turn on your TV to VH-1. Watch videos (which apparently only run in the middle of the night –so you’ll have to do this later) for 1/2 an hour. Find me ONE regular looking woman. Just one. Someone who is not perfectly thin,huge rack, scantily dressed, puffed up lips, huge hair blowing in the wind gyrating their hips.
In the hit song Everybody Dance Now by C+C Music Factory, Martha Wash’s (incredible vocals) were lip synced because her “size” was not marketable. Can anybody say Meatloaf? Ozzie Osbourne? Jack Black? The dudes on VH1 can be greasy-haired, sloppily dressed, standing in one place strumming a guitar. If you look at the Top 10 downloads on iTunes today the women — all extremely sexy with album cover photos that look like the cover of MAXIM magazine — Beyonce’, Gwen Stefani, Nellie Furtado, Fergie (not the Duchess) and Avril Levigne (okay she’s more angry than sexy but she is thin). Check out the dudes…..Akon with Snoop Dogg (could there be a slimier guy on earth?) The All American Rejects (not a pretty bunch of guys, thus the name), Snow Patrol (ditto) and okay — Justin Timberlake who is very pretty.
So I guess what I’m saying is — if I have to travel with this many men — at least I want something great to look at. There’s very little pressure today for a man to look good (unless he’s gay). Justin Timberlake’s hit promises that he’s bringing sexy back. I’ll let him.