Several of my clients have shown the FISH Philosophy video to boost morale, teach customer service, or maybe just to entertain and fill space at a staff meeting.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you should check it out.
There are four principles to the philosophy:

Be There
Make Their Day
Choose Your Attitude

Pretty simple stuff. The philosophy came to the folks at Chart House Communications while watching the Pike Place Fish Mongers. I live a few miles from the famous fish market and I can say these guys live it every day. The weather in Seattle sucks most of the time. These guys work in an open air market, cutting and cleaning fish. Not glamorous work. It’s cold and smelly, they are on their feet all day, dealing with the public.

Makes your job look kind of easy, doesn’t it? Fish is a commodity. The market backs up to Puget Sound. There are several other fish mongers in the market. All selling the same stuff (whatever comes out of the ocean). They cannot differentiate themselves by selling bigger fish or better fish. So they have to BE better. And they are.

People will line up to the point of violating fire codes to see these guys work. To watch them throw fish, yell out orders, make fish talk, entertain the crowd. They play. Whenever we have out-of-town company, we always take them to the market. They are always there. And each and every time the guys have put on a great show. That’s choosing your attitude. My brother-in-law is blind. We took him to the market just so he could hear and smell it. It was magic. They made his day.

Someone made my day last year. I was out of town and my car was parked in front of my apartment in Northampton, Massachusetts. I discovered an antenna ball on my car. I questioned all of my friends, they all claimed to not put it on there. I truly believe it was a random act of kindness. I have since driven that car across the country to my home in Seattle. She lost a ponytail somewhere in North Dakota. But today she still makes me smile — with three inches of snow on her head.

Make someone’s day today. Be there. Play. Choose your attitude.

If you do all of those things — you don’t have to run ads, beg for business or bribe people with cash offers. You will be a modern marketer.