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Last night I checked into the Marriott University Park in Tucson, Arizona. This is the fourth time in the last six months that I’ve stayed here. It’s nice, centrally located, has a great work-out facility and a decent restaurant. It’s not the cheapest hotel in town but I’m a Marriott Rewards member and a bit of a princess.

I checked in at 7:00pm and was starving. Dropped my stuff of in my room and headed to the bar (um, they serve food in there, I promise). As I was enjoying my book and a nice glass of wine (food was coming) I looked up and noticed my favorite employee coming over to greet me. He shook my hand, asked when I arrived, and welcomed me back.

This guy is amazing. The first time I stayed here I got in late. He checked me in. I was tired and a little grouchy. He made me laugh.The second time I stayed here my client came to pick me up for dinner. I was supposed to meet her at the front entrance so she didn’t have to park her car. I was running a little late. He met me at the elevator and escorted me to her car. It was hilarious. My client was quite impressed.

The last time I was here I received the gift of a bottle of wine. You can no longer bring wine on a plane so I presented him with it. A token of my appreciation.

Sadly I don’t think the Marriott has a culture of THIS level of service. I think this man’s mama raised him right. I don’t think this older gentleman is sweet on me – I’ve watched him give this amazing service to everyone he comes in contact with. His management of the “moments of truth” has solidified my loyalty to Marriott. It gives me hope that the company DOES care and that I might get this at another property. I will definitely always stay at the University Park Marriott every time I’m in town.

There are 233 rooms and 17 suites on 9 floors. I’m sure he meets TONS of people and has that uncanny ability to remember and care about his guests. I sure hope the Marriott values him.

Loyalty pays. What does your company do to grow it, measure it, reward it and protect it?

PS — I want to give a “shout out” to Larry at GHCU in Seattle. He’s a teller at their Northgate Branch. I’m not even a member of this credit union (use their shared branching services) and yet I am willing to wait in line (as are other members) just to have the opportunity to be served by Larry.

Thanks Larry, for remembering me.

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