I would like to take a break from my usual blogging to issue my first ever PSA.


1. DON’T take or make a cell phone call while on the Auschwitz tour in Poland – especially if you’re an American.

2. DON’T hold up the security line in the airport because you have to finish your call before you can drop the phone in the bucket to go through the scanner.

3. DON’T stare at your loudly ringing phone trying to figure out who is calling you at this odd hour — while attending a funeral, or sitting in church, or dining in a restaurant (even if you’re alone), or anywhere. Find your mute button and use it.

4. DON’T take a cell phone call while sitting in my session at a conference and then say loudly into the receiver, “I can’t hear you, I’m in a conference!”

5. DON’T pull a chair up behind me in a bar while I’m trying to listen to Ramon Bermudez (live) and decide to call everyone you’ve ever met to tell them that you’re at a hotel bar in New Mexico. No, not MEXICO — NEW MEXICO!

6. DON’T go to the movies if you can’t live 90 minutes without making or taking a call. Don’t go at all. Stay home. Join Netflix..

7. DON’T make or take cell phone calls when you are dancing with anyone. Even if you don’t like or know the person.

This is my PSA — Please Stop Annoying me.

Thank you for listening, and for not talking.

If you would like to add your own DONT’S to the list, please respond below.