I just got out of the shower (where I do my best thinking) and had this amazing thought. What if we had a world without marketing. And by marketing I mean product pushing of any kind.

Here’s what my day would look like.

My phone would only ring if it was someone I knew. I would still need caller ID but I would actually get up and look at it rather than screen all my calls.

Yesterday, my mailbox would’ve been empty (when was the last time you didn’t get ANY mail?)

My shredder would get dusty.

I might turn on my radio again in the car. And the radio stations would have to act so differently because now they are REALLY competing for my iPod time.

VOGUE magazine would be 10 pages.

I would still use my TiVo but just to record shows when I can’t watch them live. When I channel surf it would be so much fun. You could REALLY see what’s on. All the time. I think at first, TV would go off the air again. Just until they could find stuff to fill the 12 hours a day on 800 channels that we would no longer have. Infomericals, gone. I guess we’ll have to actually sleep at 3 am.

This morning when I launched my email box I would’ve received 4 emails, instead of 37. My JUNK mailbox would go away.

Imagine how clean websites would look? At first that might be kind of eerie. But then maybe we’d fill them with art. Pleasant images (not shiny happy people) but actual art. Things wouldn’t POP UP in your way of finding what you are looking for. No one would anticipate my needs electronically.

Imagine driving down the road and pop pop pop all of the billboards would vanish? How much more sky there would be? Are you with me? And sandwich boards on sidewalks — poof, gone. The poor guy dressed like Uncle Sam (okay – out of a job) and store windows you could actually see in.

Scotch tape sales would plummet.

What would YOUR world be like?