(read this blog while listening to Jimmy Buffet’s It’s My Job)

A dear friend of mine recently said he wanted the “job” of naming colors. You know, somebody HAS that job. I recently shopped for paint for our spare room. Do you have any idea how many names there are for beige? I ended up with “toast.”

If you have your nails done you probably have caught yourself reading all the names of red by OPI. My favorite – “I’m really not a waitress.”

And how about Crayola Crayons. Burnt Sienna What five year-old knows what that is?

I have a new name for white. It’s sunny in Seattle today. Supposed to get up to 80 degrees. I’m wearing sandals and a skirt for the first time in months. I’ve decided my legs are “Pacific NW winter white.” Kind of a cross between cream with a tinge of light blue. It’s really kind of hideous for a leg. But it wouldn’t look bad on a ceiling in a nice matte finish.