Generation X turns 41 this year. Can you believe it? They’re old! Generation Y is already done with college and is in the workforce big time. Are you ready to question everything?

Gen X was summarily dismissed by marketers and employers alike – I think because there were so few of them and so many of us (sadly I’m a Boomer — but people tell me I think like an Xer and apparently write like a dude).

Anyway, now the “echo of the boom” (or Gen Yers) are a force to be reckoned with. And listened to.

They are the second largest generation in US history. The cover story in FORTUNE this month features our future employers.

SPOILER ALERT: If you have TiVo’d the season finale of The Office and not yet watched it, you may want to skip the next two paragraphs. If you don’t know what TiVo is, I feel bad for you.

If you don’t feel like reading the FORTUNE article, you can watch the season finale of The Office. Michael Scott, Baby Boomer Boss, thinks he’s a shoo in for the job at the corporate office. So confident is he that he sold his condo (on E-Bay). He asks in the interview if any of the other candidates have as many years experience as he does. The answer, of course, is no. That’s how Boomers got promotions. Putting in their time.

Michael does not get the job, and when he returns to the Scranton office to “unhire” his replacement he also asks the temp (Ryan) to get him a cup of coffee. Ryan reminds him that he is no longer a temp and doesn’t have to do that anymore. Cut to commercial. Final scene. The hiring manager is speaking to the new corporate executive on the phone – offering him the job – he accepts. He has an MBA (first time this is revealed) AND it’s Ryan – the Gen Y temp. He is Michael Scott’s new boss.

I’d like you to meet the generation that asks “why”. Why do most credit unions only stay open from 9 to 5 and during the busiest time of the day let their staff take an hour off? Why can’t the marketing department work from home, or Starbucks, or the park on a sunny day? Why can’t we wear flip flops (Boomers called them thongs– which of course the Xers made nasty, but popular) to work if we never see a member?

“Because we’ve always done it that way” and “Back in the day*….” isn’t going to fly with this group. I’m pretty sure they’ll just look at the Boomer Bosses with pity. All you’ll hear is “blink blink”. That is IF they don’t laugh you out of the room.

I had the privilege of meeting the future of the credit union movement last week. His name is Jesse Robbins. He’s starting a credit union. For the burning man community. He’s also a blogger that is questioning everything we hold sacred. Check out this post on the courage it takes to promote thrift.

As a movement we are not growing. As for our cause of promoting thrift – we failed miserably. This new generation gives me hope. I pledge to give them my time and my support. I hope you do too.

* According to Dane Cook, it was a Wednesday.