Brand is your reputation. Period.

Las Vegas was founded on three things. Booze. Sex. Gambling. Guess who the target audience for those activities are? Well, let’s just say, you know who you are.

But somebody complained that there was nothing to do for the little kiddies while mommy and daddy were in the casino. So Vegas tried to appeal to everyone by adding clowns and rides and circus stuff. But at their heart? It’s all about the booze, sex and gambling. It’s hard to change your reputation. I’m sorry kids, you gotta go to Orlando.

I just booked a trip to Vegas. I’m going to the FSCC Conference. I haven’t been there in a while. But I have to admit – I’m a little excited. I don’t gamble, but I do love shows, shopping, dining, wining, and general debauchery.

The ads for Vegas are spot on. With so few words and a perfect image, you know who the target is. Take a look at your last newsletter. Or your home page on your website. Does it say who you are? Or does it have pictures of shiny happy people that rotate to include all the ethnic groups? Does it promote your free checking? Sexy.

Vegas isn’t for everyone. Why should your credit union be?