I was speaking to a group of marketers in Florida last month explaining that traditional marketing is pretty much dead. I am not the typical household (yet) but consider this; I own TiVO (to avoid commercials) listen to my iPod in my car (to avoid radio ads) am registered on the national ”Do Not Call” list (to avoid solicitors/marketers) have pop-up blockers set on my computer (hate those banner ads) and own a shredder (haven’t opened a piece of direct mail in years).

Someone in the audience raised their hand and asked, “What’s left?” Jokingly I said, “Billboards.” You can’t avoid them. We haven’t figured out a way to screen them out while driving. In fact, you’ll notice that billboards are getting fancier and more in your face.

Billboards have become the visual pollutant of the 21st century. Except for one.

I just read an amazing post on one of my favorite blogs.

A bank in South Africa posted a billboard outside of a school. And they asked the question, what if a billboard could be MORE than a billboard? The billboard was built by the bank with solar panels on the top. It powers a school in one of South Africa’s poorest townships.

What if every billboard could make a difference like this?

This is modern marketing. Finding a cause and making a difference.

Sound familiar?