Your customers are only satisfied because their expectations are so low, and because no one else is doing any better. – Ken Blanchard

That statement makes me think of cell phone carriers and financial institutions.

Sprint apparently is hanging up on high maintenance customers. I love it. It’s a phone company that is almost impossible to get on the phone, that is hanging up if you call too much!! They will literally terminate your plan.

That sounds like a credit union charging a member a fee because they come into the branch too often. We would never do that – would we?

CNBC just covered this Sprint story. Why? Because Sprint is not doing well financially and with this latest “decision” is bound to lose even more customers. If you want OUT of your Sprint contract without paying the penalty and want to keep your phone number, you just need to call them. Repeatedly. It shouldn’t take too much time because you can’t get through. But they are keeping track of your attempts. After all, they are the phone company. They have the technology.

“We’re the phone company, we don’t have to care.” – Lilly Tomlin on SNL regarding the break-up of AT&T.