Today I flew from Seattle to State College, Pennsylvania (via DC). It’s rookie season (meaning those darn vacationers are in my way) at airport security. People who I suspect have not flown at all – and definitely not since 9/11. People clutching their shoes in disbelief while others are putting their children through the x-ray machine because that TSA guy said the baby carrier had to go through and they thought that meant the kid too (I’m not kidding – happened in El Paso). Or the lovely woman that was visiting family and had several jars of her canned peaches in her carry-on. Um, that’s a liquid ma’am. It’s sad to see American traditions thrown away at the hands of TSA.

But I digress, the worst part of my day was seeing that now the security bins are sponsored by ROLODEX. Are you kidding me?

It’s bad enough that I’ve had to give up a perfectly good wine opener, my mace, my cigarette lighter (for concert purposes only), and can no longer carry-on my luggage because let’s face it – 1 quart-sized ziploc is NOT going to do it for MY liquids. (sidebar: this look doesn’t just “happen”) but NOW you’re going to make me read some lame advertising? Do I have no rights?

I didn’t even know rolodex was still in business. I mean who still buys these things? The same people that still type on an IBM Selectric I suspect. With the multiple font wheels.