Today we arrived in Greenock, Scotland and took a bus to Glasgow (pronounced Glaz-go!). As our boat pulled into Clyde Port in the wee hours of the morning, a single bagpiper played us in. By the end of his first song, probably 1000 sleepy headed passengers were peering over their balconies and erupted in applause. Not a bad wake-up call.

I can only say that Princess Cruise line must choreograph and thoroughly rehearse their almost daily disembarkation experiences. Think of how difficult it would be to get 2600 passengers off and on a boat – on time – AND the experience does not suck?

You cannot over communicate to your members. That’s today’s lesson. Each and every day we are delivered two newsletters on the Grand Princess. One is the overview of activities and one an overview of the port (history, currency, time zone, fun facts, etc.) They also have the same information on your TV in your room. Constantly running. They also have signs posted (in big letters) guiding you to the correct points AND they have friendly employees posted all around the boat to answer your many questions. AND, the captain of the boat periodically uses the PA system to remind folks of sailing times and destinations.

Before we got on the boat we got a huge packet of information from the cruise line. In it were sailing times for each day, AND when we checked in were given a pocket guide.

It’s super important that you don’t “miss the boat” each day. To stay on schedule we all need to be aboard. I can only imagine how most credit unions would handle this communication.

“We put it in the newsletter that we sent you a month before we sailed, didn’t you READ it?”

You cannot over communicate when it comes to your members.