I’m drinking my cappuccino on deck of the Love Boat. It’s in a big lovely mug and they’ve sprinkled the foam with chocolate powder in the shape of a heart.

Last night we attended the Movies Under the Stars. The deck chairs were covered with a deep red canvas cover with the words “Movies Under the Stars” embroidered on the built-in pillow. At the foot of each chair was a neatly folded matching plaid blanket. There was popcorn popping nearby. We snuggled down breathing in the sea air, laughing hysterically at our new favorite “guilty-pleasure-don’t-want-to-admit-we-loved-it” movie: Blades of Glory.

Attention to detail. Princess Cruise Line gets it. That’s what turns the errand of banking into a WOW experience. Umpqua Bank gets it too. When you make a deposit in a branch, instead of threatening to charge you because you’ve been in there too much, or giving you the stink-eye they place your receipt on a lovely black lacquer tray with a gold foil wrapped chocolate in the shape of their logo.

I’m going to order another cappuccino……..