“There are no rules here. We’re just trying to accomplish something.” – Thomas Edison

That quote perfectly describes Social Media. It also appears in the preface of my new favorite book: Shut Up, Stop Whining and Get a Life. by Larry Winget.

Larry is an in-your-face-cut-through-the-crap kinda writer. I wish I could be. But in this age of political correctness, we rarely are.

I’ve been reluctant to blog while I’m reading this book because I’m afraid I might offend. Like, I might accidentally say something like:

“If your life sucks, it is because you suck.”


“The three main reasons people are not successful:
1. They are stupid.
2. They are lazy.
3. They don’t give a damn.”

I didn’t say those things, Larry did. I just happen to agree with them.

Larry also quotes one of my other favorite writers. Yoda:*
“There is no try, only do.”

One of my pet peeves – when I’m working with a group – we’re brainstorming, someone comes up with a great idea, only to have a co-worker squash it, trash it, and suck the energy out of the moment by adding… “Oh, we tried that before. It didn’t work.” Then I find out they “tried” it 8 years ago – and they didn’t really try. You can’t try to make something work. Whenever I hear the word “try” I hear, “We are planning to fail.”

I plan to finish this book this week-end. Notice I didn’t say try. That’s how that works – set a goal – and complete it.

* If you get me drunk enough I will do my Yoda impression for you – some say it sounds suspiciously close to Grover from Sesame Street. Either way, it shocks people. Again, have to get me drunk. Long Island Iced Teas usually work.