I used to be a runner. I grew up in Portland, Oregon. Every year, Cascade Run Off, Hood to Coast, Portland Marathon. Then I started my own business. I still run. In fact just last week I ran from gate F14 to C25 at O’Hare which I estimate is a little over a mile. AND I did it in heels carrying a 27 pound briefcase!

Last year Mark and I walked the Portland Marathon. Hey, it’s still 26 POINT 2 miles!! The event is coming up so we’re getting lots of stuff in our mail boxes (e and metal) that says we’re on some list of “runners.”

Yesterday we got two complimentary copies of Runner’s World Magazine. One for Mark. One for me. On the cover is a lovely girl, Desiree Ficker – an Ironman Triathlete and 2:40 marathoner (for those that don’t know – that’s FAST!!! I’m a 2:40 HALF marathoner). The photo is of her “running” and she’s smiling and has make-up on, and is clearly Photo Shopped to chiseled perfection.

Anyway, here’s the point of this post (finally). The target audience for Runner’s World is me. I will never win a race, I rarely smile when I’m running, I certainly never wear make-up and HATE people who show up to a race wearing perfume (for god’s sake). Let’s keep it real Runner’s World. I know your magazine has to be on the shelf next to VOGUE and People with Lindsay Lohan, airbrushed to perfection to hide her ever increasing drunken binge bagged eyes, on the cover. Can you imagine putting someone on the cover that just finished their first marathon? Lips stuck to their teeth, salty whiteness around the neck of their sweat soaked shirt, a little blood on the right shoe from where the blister has now popped and exposed the raw flesh to the too-new shoes you decided to wear.

Okay, now that I visualize that – never mind. Magazine covers are here to show us the world we DON’T live in. Keep up the good work Runner’s World!