That was the headline today on After operating for 73 years under the same name and three decades with the same logo, Colorado State Employees Credit Union is getting a makeover as the Credit Union of Colorado.

The CEO, Terry Leis said the new name is designed to ..”broaden the credit union’s appeal.”

Terry goes on to explain that they “Weren’t getting the message out. People still thought they couldn’t join because they didn’t work for the state.”

And yet, 30% of their 80,000 members are state employees. Hmmmm, sounds like the word is out.

I just want to make this one point. I HATE to see press releases like this because it perpetuates the myth that changing your name “gets the word out” and “broadens your appeal.” That a name change is the silver bullet for growth. It’s not.

Terry needs to get the “word out” the old-fashioned way. Treat people so well that they will tell their friends and family and co-workers about the credit union.

SIDEBAR: Kudos on the new logo. Very nice.