That was the subject line of an email I was forwarded today from my friend Carlyn. Her husband, Chief Master Sergeant Jeffrey P. Roy is stationed in Kuwait for the next 4 months. He gets up at 0600 for his twelve hour, six day a week assignment in 115 degree weather.
Yesterday he drove into Arifjan AFB on the coast of Kuwaite. And found paradise. Here are his words:

On the base they have a Starbucks. It is a double wide trailer but when you walk in it looks and feels like any Starbucks USA. It felt like walking into a worm hole and being transported back home with the opening of a door. They did a great job to give us the feeling of home.

Jeff also ask us to …”pray with ARDENT and FERVENT prayer for those folks in the line. We need the Lord to hold those boys in the palm of his hand and bless them with a shield of armor..