Now before the execs at 3M get their panties in a wad over this blog post, I love scotch tape. But for the things it was intended to hold together. Like my birthday presents and the 100 dollar bill I won in poker last night that is slightly torn.

You must say NO to scotch tape in your lobby!

I declare today to be “National No Scotch Tape in the Lobby Day!”

As a Modern Marketer it is your duty to get up from your desk (get in your car if you have to) and visit each and every branch of your credit union. You must walk in the front door (not the employee entrance) and begin the search and destroy mission. If something is being held up by scotch tape, you must rip it down.

There. Doesn’t that feel good? Doesn’t it look great? So much less clutter.

If you’re worried that some of that information in your hand is actually valuable (like how will members KNOW they need to wait here for next available teller and have their deposit slip ready…) then you have to make the sign suitable for framing or building a monument to. Otherwise it goes.

PS – Tomorrow is Talk Like a Pirate Day!” Arrrrrrgghhhhhh……