My great-nephew Jack is, of course, the sweetest kid in the world. He’s 3. He loves for Aunt Denise to play building blocks with him. Only, the way he likes to play is by having ME build a castle, fort, bridge, house, whatever and then as soon as it’s complete – he tears it down.

After about threerounds of this, Aunt Denise isn’t having as much fun. Jack’s just getting warmed up. This past week-end I facilitated a conversation at a strategic planning session. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was Jack. They had built this great castle and I came in and knocked it down – wanting them to rebuild it better and bigger and prettier. Make something different (that’s what Jack wants each round).

Then it got me thinking about the culture at Apple. You KNOW they have already knocked down the iPhone castle and are building the next one to be even better and bigger and prettier. Personally, I can’t wait.

Thanks Jack for reminding us how to play. The game stops if we just build once.