The first time I ever went to a BAI Retail Delivery Conference I thought this. I was watching a demo of an ATM that basically took loan applications too. The dude doing the demo was so proud of the technology. I’m looking at it from a customer’s point of view.

When I go to an ATM for cash, I appreciate the Quick Cash button because it saves me time. If I have to wait for an ATM, I appreciate the Quick Cash button and pray the person in front of me selects that because, again, it saves me time. See the pattern? I don’t think I’m alone in my selfish thoughts. I HATE standing in line and waiting for anything.

Can you imagine needing some Quick Cash only to have the Bozo in front of you decide that yes, I WOULD like to apply for a loan…..yikes.

I’m registered (with about 95% of the United States) on the National Do Not Call list. My phone number is unlisted. I have voice response caller ID so I don’t even have to go look at the machine, a nice voice tells me of the impending intrusion. About half the time I can tell if it’s a call I don’t want.

Yesterday when I got home my message light was blinking. LIke it has been blinking every day this past week. You see, some idiot discovered that there was technology out there that would allow a politician to record a sassy little pleading message “VOTE FOR ME” next Tuesday and automatically dial numbers at random. Set it and forget it. Can you imagine the meeting when they decided to do that? High fives around the room. Seems the federal law that protects consumers from telephone intrusion excluded politicians. Of course.

Our household mails in the ballot each election. I have mine by the phone now. That’s how I’m going to vote. If you leave me your lame message on my purposefully-anonymous-restricted-leave-me-the-hell-alone home phone, I cross you off the ballot.

Have a nice day.