When I started this blog, it was to provide a space for dialog around marketing. Specifically as it pertains to the exciting and sexy world of financial services.

I guess I got tired of thinking that a 1% return rate on a direct mail piece was good. I couldn’t stomach looking at one more statement stuffer on fluorescent paper.. When I see a banner on a bank, exclaiming “FREE CHECKING” I have to laugh. it’s like seeing a sign outside a grocery store that says “We have food.” Makes me wanna cry.

You can’t beg for business anymore. Now you HAVE to earn it. There’s so much noise out there, you need to cut through it. So, here are my thoughts. Down and dirty. Please feel free to add the ones I’ve missed:

Old Marketing = product, price, promotion
Modern Marketing = people and passion

Old Marketing = mailing paper
Modern Marketing = being IN the newspaper

Old Marketing = electronic brochure rack (web page)
Modern Marketing = blog

Old Marketing = shiny happy people
Modern Marketing = real people

Old Marketing = what we received in the mail last week (see photo above*)
Modern Marketing = forgetting everything we know…before it destroys us

*There is no excuse for this! I don’t care how much money you save. This is just shameful.