I heard the greatest phrase last week. “If you have time to lean, you have time to clean.” That’s one of the training mantras McDonald’s uses. A former employee told me that last week at a Marketing conference and I love it. I worked for ‘Enry Beazely’s Fish n Chips in high school. Mr. Beazely’s version was “The front counter is like the tide. Never turn your back on it.”

I learned that 31 years ago (okay, that seems impossible but it’s true). My point being, that corporations don’t have values, people do. Mr. Beazely valued service. He lived it. He loved it. He demanded it. He rewarded it. Consequently Beazely’s was known for it.

Many credit unions SAY they are in the service business. How many have clearly defined what that means? Does your frontline know what their role is? Do they have any “mantras” to guide them?