It’s 4:20am in General Mitchell Milwaukee Airport. I’m in the restroom. It’s November 29th, 2007. I’m alone.

The speakers crackle a barely recognizable tune. Enough that your mind picks it up and tosses it around. What IS that song?

Cut to recording studio in a garage somewhere in Kenosha……..

DAVE: Okay Barry, you ready to lay this down? I got my laptop ready to record.

BARRY: Sure thing dude. Picked up this plastic flute at the airport gift shop. Let’s mess this up.

DAVE: Cool.

DAVE (into a mic): “Barely recognizable God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. Take One”….(faint tap of a pencil on the, two, three, four………..)

Only 26 days left of slaughtered Christmas classics.
Happy Holidays!