Yesterday the US Treasury Secretary said he was confident that he could talk the big banks into freezing interest rates on high-risk sub-prime loans.

What would Lewis Black say about this? I think it would go something like this:

Let’s say that these “exotic” loans are pot. And the big banks are pot dealers. Oh, and pot is legal.

These dealers were practically giving away the pot. People who never thought they’d try it were lured in.

And now we have a bunch of people stoned out of their minds, not able to make their house payments to the tune of billions of dollars and we realize that we need to rehabilitate. We got these folks addicted it’s going to be darned hard to kick that habit.

Should we make pot illegal? We don’t want big government telling us what we can smoke.

Nope, let’s buy them a seven year supply of Doritos and see what happens…….