I’ve added that phrase to all of my consulting contracts this year. Thanks to social media and some great new friends I’ve met, I am getting smarter every day. Way smarter.

Case in point.

When I first read about ZOPA (in Business 2.0 magazine)

Here’s a little excerpt if you don’t want to click on over:

“Scott Anthony, a managing director of Clayton Christensen’s consulting firm, Innosight, is intrigued by the disruptive potential of peer-to-peer lending. ‘Are there ways to loan amounts that banks won’t lend because they’re too small,’ he asks, ‘or to serve customers who would otherwise never be served?’”

I was shocked that there was no comparison between the ZOPA model and the original credit union model. So shocked that I asked Wade Lagrone, VP US Marketing ZOPA, if he’d have lunch with me. That’s when I first found out that Wade was looking to US credit unions as partners for their American launch.

I’ll admit, I was a bit concerned. I was afraid it would turn into another indirect lending/source-o-funds/can’t market to these folks cuz they don’t know who you are craze. I was wrong. Or at least I think I’m going to be wrong.

ZOPA announced this week their US launch with some amazing credit union partners. This is the next generation credit union! Now that it’s up and running it makes perfect sense! This morning on my google alerts I found this little nugget.

I hope you’ll all take time to read it, and respond in defense of credit union values and heritage. We’re back baby!!!!