I’m still amazed at the amount of local advertising I see on television these days. With the number of TiVos and DVRs sold – KNOWING that 98% of the owners of these devices are invoking the “no commercial” feature. With over 200 channels available, how DOES one decide the media buy? Which 30 seconds in a 24 hour day, seven day week on those 200 do you purchase?

Last night I checked into a hotel in Kansas City. It was late. I’m watching the Craig Ferguson Show hoping that when they cut to a commercial, I will drop off into sleep. Not this time. Somehow this jingle seeped into my brain and will probably be there for the foreseeable future….are you ready? Sing it along with me: (in a soft and chipper sounding male voice):

“Midwest Hemorrhoid Treatment Center………don’t suffer in silence.”

Wow. If you’re a singer, and your agent gets you that gig – I mean how bad do you want to work? How do you get through it without busting out laughing. Who wrote those lyrics, pitched them to the client without wetting themselves?

I mean, don’t get me wrong. The “hemmys” are a drag (so I’ve heard). But, seriously?

I called my husband to help me finish their campaign. (He used to be in marketing – now he’s a CFO). Here’s his take……”If you have soft tissue issues, call us at 1-800-GOT-RHOIDS.”

Is that modern marketing?