The first time I ever went skiing I was in high school. That was a few years ago. My boyfriend was on a racing team, so naturally I had to learn to ski. But I digress….on our way up to the mountain (about a 50 mile drive from Portland) he told me that we HAD to stop at Joe’s Donut Shop. It was a weird red and white painted cinder block hole-in-the-wall. The aroma inside the shop makes your knees weak. What is it about fried dough with sugar? Nobody does it better than Joe. I looked forward to our weekly treks up the mountain after that. Not for the skiing (truth be told – I sucked) but for the chance to try another of Joe’s creations.

Last night I had the NW Cable news on. And there it was! Joe’s Donuts! Still going strong and having a banner year because of all the snow on Mt. Hood.

Modern marketing = Word-of-mouth. You can’t beg for business anymore – now you have to earn it. And Joe does. Every day. For YEARS he’s been doing one thing and doing it well. Making donuts.

As far as I know, Joe has no marketing budget. He doesn’t advertise on TV, the radio or newspaper. He doesn’t rubber band flyers to your door knob. He doesn’t call your house or fill your mailbox with direct mail.

Instead, people are marketing FOR Joe. I googled Joe and found several pages of hits. From as far away as Bangkok and on a page called Real Good Food.

That’s some good modern marketing. Way to go Joe!