I was in Oshkosh, Wisconsin this week. I ate cheese, had dinner at a Supper Club, learned about sturgeon spearing, hand warmers, that your car windows can actually freeze shut (found that out at a drive-thru) and dontcha know, I got to visit Mills Fleet Farm (aka the Man’s Mall).

It smells (like tires) when you walk in. The lighting is harsh, the floors are concrete. You’re probably thinking, like Costco, right? Sort of……but the target audience is vastly different. They target farmers and hunters and fishermen. Truck driving, cap wearing, facial hair sporting, Packers loving dudes. Picture an entire aisle of flannel shirts. A fishing rod selection that could make the Guinness Book of World Records. There were huge bags of stuff that had something to do with cows. I didn’t ask.

I am not their target audience. But I did buy their shirt. It had a picture of a tractor on the front with “Mills Fleet Farm” above and below……the best tag line ever:

“If we don’t sell it. You don’t need it.”