My good friend Doug True has a great post that summarized a busy week of blog-o-sphere discussion on the ultimate erosion of credit union loyalty and how we quickly get it back. There’s talk of yet another National Brand Campaign while others believe that you must have a blog to survive.

I found it. I know how to grow your credit union.

Unfortunately, she’s retiring. Her name is Jeanine Miller. She’s worked for Members Credit Union since 1963 and she’s the head teller.

Two things struck me while reading this article.

1. Can you imagine any bank ever having this kind of press?

2. It made the news because it’s so unusual.

Most CEOs will agree with me – the brand is their experience and the front-line employees have more control over the credit union’s reputation than anyone in senior management. BUT, we don’t do anything about it. Few of us measure the value that Jeanine Miller brings to the bottom-line in the form of referrals and repeat business. The teller position continues to be at the bottom of the organizational chart and pay structure.

We’ll spend more money begging for business through membership bribes then we will on paying these unsung heroes and trying to retain them.

You want to grow? Pay attention to your tellers.

THIS JUST IN: A videoof Jeanine’s last day – thanks NC Credit Union League