The ultimate goal of any brand is to become a “word” that dominates your category. That your brand means to “make a copy” or “search for something.” That you ask for a “coke” or a “kleenex” instead of a soft drink or facial tissue.

So naturally, if your credit union was founded by one of these icons and you were allowed to bear their name – you should dump it.
As was the case with Xerox Federal Credit Union.

According to the CU Journal article on February 25th:

The Xerox name is well known–but perhaps a bit too well known for a credit union that also serves other employee groups. As a result, the $702-million Xerox FCU is changing its name to Xceed Financial CU.


Even the CEO admits that only 35% of their membership is still Xerox. So doesn’t that mean the word is out? Now anyone can join Xerox FCU??

This doesn’t appear to be a case of sponsor getting skittish with them using the incredible brand name – in fact, just the opposite.

Ubiquity is our enemy. We are becoming a weird brand with weird names that mean nothing. Kinecta, Achieva, Veridian, Visterra, Advantis..the list goes on.

I’m still waiting for Taco Bell to learn from our examples and become Mexican Food Bell.