I stayed at the Hawthorn Suites in Racine, Wisconsin last week. They have a restaurant that sells wines by the glass that got them Wine awards! Their grilled salmon salad with slivered almonds and bing cherries will change your life. Who knew? Right???

But when you get in the elevator to go to your suite (read big room) you see the sign above. WTH?? As I exit on the 3rd floor I look out over this swimming pool expecting a scene from Animal House. Looks pretty benign. A nice family enjoying a warm romp in an indoor pool decorated with airplanes for the kiddies (it was 7 degrees outside). Hmmmmmm… what chaotic event caused them to commission a sign maker and permanently mount this to the elevator wall??

Look around your office. Walk outside and come in the door where your members do. What signs do you see? What does it say about your culture? Is it the story you want to tell? Is the sign working? (my favorite one is at the drive-up window – please have your deposit slip ready – um, when you get to the window – where the sign is)…….

I was told that I have to go to the local DMV in Racine. They have a sign there that reads:

“Profanity will not be tolerated here.”