March has been a busy month for me in the air. Consequently, I’ve been able to catch all four movies that United Airlines had to offer. Two going East (changes mid month) and two going West. I’m a big movie fan. Besides getting lost in a good book, getting lost in a good movie at 30,000 feet is a blessing.

Not so much with August Rush starring a doe-eyed Keri Russell who stumbles her way through this movie in a constant state of confusion. I can forgive the occasional implausible scenario – but the end of this movie made me want to scream. Spoil alert: Keri’s been looking for her son (whom her evil dad pretended was still born and secretly gave him up for adoption only to finally reveal on his death bed that the boy LIVES!) for months. Walking around in a stupor through Central Park – chasing after 11 year-old boys hoping he’s hers…..oh, and she’s also a world class Cellist who has come out of hiding to perform a major concert in Central Park where, are you ready for this, AN 11 YEAR OLD BOY will be conducting his first symphony right after she plays.

Somehow this slipped by her. She didn’t cross paths with him in rehearsal, didn’t happen to catch it on the news, nor does she bother to stay (after completing her flawless number) to see this phenom. Made me want to scream as loud as the 11 month old baby in the seat next to me.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: I had to get past the fact that “Earl” plays Dave, the Chipmunks “dad” but otherwise, it was sheer delight…and with a nice glass of red wine, all you need on a Monday night flying to Chicago. My sisters and I owned that album (much to my parent’s chagrin) and couldn’t get enough of it. This movie acknowledged the 60’s in fun and campy way while somehow making you believe that singing chipmunks COULD actually do well on You Tube!