“Something your competition is not likely to copy.”

In the world of R & D (rip-off and duplicate) it’s becoming harder and harder to differentiate ourselves from the competition. Credit unions are not as “sharing” as they once were for fear of R & D. But if you did something that your competition is NOT likely to copy – then you should shout it to the world.

Such is the case of Greater Nevada’s newest branch (as seen in CU Journal online):

Members of Greater Nevada CU may be brought back to a different era when they visit the credit union’s newest branch here-with a miniature grain silo as its entrance and the barn-shaped main lobby.

Tucson Old Pueblo Credit Union built a drive-up window for fire trucks! (their founding members)

Umpqua Bank brews their own blend of coffee – the Umpqua Blend.

What is YOUR credit union doing to differentiate themselves from the competition (which now includes other credit unions)?