This morning I read one of the best blog posts of the year. Crapspeak. Tim indicated it was his most popular (by comments) post ever.

It got me thinking. What are the elements of a great post? I know lots of people read my blog, but what gets the most conversation? The most comments.

Looking back for my most popular post (by comment count) it too had a clever title. AVIS tries harder to lose my business and it Hertz.

So here’s my idea. I’d love to do a research paper on financial institution blogs. Seriously. If you are an author of a blog, or even a loyal reader of a certain blog, please submit to me (via a comment on this post so others can read), the blog post with the most comments in the past 18 months.

Even if your blog is fairly new – Addison Cafe’ comes to mind – I love this blog – I’d love the stats (that’s research speak for statistical data).

I will tabulate the results in a very scientific way (using a calculator) and submit my findings.