My logo is the flying pig. Not because I think it symbolizes the impossible, but rather possibilities. Apprently so does this bank in Vermont!

I know credit unions are great at staying involved in their communities. In fact, when asked, they will usually show me a big long list of the charities and causes they contribute to. Which is, in my opinion, the problem. Trying to be all things to all people in the community is as bad an idea as trying to be all things to all people with your service offerings.

Why? Because it doesn’t differentiate you. You’re not known for anything in your community or in your category (financial institutions). Anyone can write a check (to a charity) and anyone can make a loan (for a car, to a business, etc.)

What happened to the “cause” in credit unions? If you were founded by teachers, I bet there’s still a need for supporting them in the community – EVEN IF you are now serving everyone that lives, works or worships in eight counties.

If your sponsor went away, can you create your own cause? A credit union foundation of sorts that perhaps can aid displaced workers?

The CUES Nexus blog acknowledged this issue in a recent post.

I’d love to hear from credit unions who are committed to a cause in their communities. I know they are out there and I think we need the inspiration.