Yesterday I was in Cupertino, California, . The Mothership. Apple’s headquarters. I got to visit the Apple Employee Store. Wow.

What do you think the Apple Employee Store would look like? A crappy little room with fluorescent lights in the basement? A bunch of tables in an old conference room piled high with reject iPods sold for a dollar?

Nope – it was gorgeous. Just like an Apple store. Sleek and modern, minimalist inviting perfection. They don’t sell computers or phones at the employee store, just logo merchandise and gadget-lalapalooza. They have all their computers and phones out for you to play with…just sit down and enjoy.

I bought the t-shirt. On the front in the perfect Apple font it says:

“I visited the Mothership.” On the back, the Apple.

I was telling my brother about this last night as I was listening to KINK FM radio (from Portland, Oregon) through my car stereo, by using the AOL Radio app on my iPhone – oh and I’m driving to Cochiti Lake, New Mexico.

I commented that I love being in this world. He had just been to the Apple store in Manhattan and was bragging about having to stand in line for 6 hours to buy the new iPhone.

“I want to live in an Apple world!” my brother told me. “I want to live in an Apple house, drive an Apple car, shop at an Apple grocery store………”

Can you imagine?