Last night I was lucky enough (to be awake) to see the Men’s 4 X100 freestyle relay team kick some French-trash-talking booty. It’s so cool to see those moments “live” with family so you can say….”Remember when….?”

I admit it. Until maybe last week I probably couldn’t have told you who Michael Phelps was. Until about 12 hours ago I had no idea we had a Men’s 4X100 relay team that included Phelps AND was expected to lose to the team from France. Only an hour before the race did I find out that the French boyz were all “We’re gonna smash the Americans.” But that was enough to get us on the edge of our seats, whooping and hollering for the home team and high-fiving when “we” won.

So as I’m getting ready for bed last night, I started thinking about why that was so emotional, why did I care? And did I deserve to feel so good for something that I had nothing to do with? I know, just go to bed, right?

We love to be part of a group, a club, a spirit, a team. It’s in our nature, our DNA, our psyche. It’s common bond that makes us stand up and cheer.

So why are we so quick to kill it?

In most cases, the founders of today’s credit unions are probably no longer with us. We no longer tell their stories, or remember their victories of those early days. When 6 school teachers trusted each other with their paychecks with little more than an entry in a ledger book and a desk drawer with the money so they could help each other get through life. They dared to compete against the big banks, they had a common bond.

And, if you’re lucky enough to work for a credit union today, you can say “we won.”

Don’t we owe them at least a “high five” for their efforts?