Yesterday was a thrilling day for me culture-wise. Some would say it was kismet. I got to experience Southwest Airlines, Enterprise Rent-a-Car AND USAA in like a three hour span.

Why is this important? Because in their individual categories, these are the NPS winners! The have the highest scores. They are the gold medalists in their divisions.

It started with our flight from Seattle to Albuquerque on Southwest. I had to book my flight at the last minute so I got boarding pass A-1 (which means I paid more). Mark however received a dismal C-18, which ensures him a middle seat. Now, the rule is, you’re not supposed to “save” seats on Southwest. The exit row is the only row with just two. The most coveted row for flying couples to be sure. Naturally I sat there, and simply asked the flight attendant working the middle of the plane, if she wouldn’t mind helping me out by standing in Mark’s seat. She was more than happy to. We got to chatting and decided to make a game of it. I gave her just a little information about Mark to see if she could guess which passenger he was. My description was “cute but angry. “

SIDEBAR: the angry part had to do with a clogged sink in our Seattle house, which, btw, is up for sale, that kept him up all night.

Anyway, he then became known to all the lovely flight attendants as “cutie pie.” We had the best crew. When we were coming in for our landing one of the flight attendants sang us in to the tune of the Flintstones:

“We hope you had a swell time. Cuz we are on time, and didn’t take your last dime…”
Yabba Dabba Doo! Thunderous applause from the passengers.

Then we were off to the body shop with our smashed car – lovingly hit by a woman last month who was insured by USAA!! We were so excited to hear that we almost forgave her for plowing into us while making an illegal U-Turn while talking on her cell phone! When we arrived at the body shop, the owner informed us that Enterprise was on their way to pick us up and take us to our rental car. Sure enough, a nicely dressed young man pulls in the driveway. He takes us back to the lot where we get to pick out any car we want, gets two ice cold bottles of water for us and we are on our way home.

Wow. The sun is shining, the birds are singing…it’s a Disney Day to be sure.

Which brings me to the title of this blog. Mouse poop. We hadn’t been to the New Mexico home in almost a month. And when we arrived I noticed nibbles on our paper towel roll. Little pieces of lint all over the counter and then, there it was MOUSE POOP!!!!

Yikes! We have a mouse in the house. Oh well, tomorrow we get a mouse trap.

So my point being. When companies know what business they are in:

USAA – Empathy
Southwest – Service, (they just happen to fly planes)
Enterprise Rent-A-Car – The Golden Rule

And practice it like a religion:

USAA – 81% NPS Score
Southwest – 51% NPS Score (which for an airline is amazing….all others are in the negative)
Enterprise Rent-A-Car – 77% ESQi Score (their version of NPS)

You can make anyone shrug at Mouse Poop. Thanks guys for making my day.