It’s inevitable. In any election this close the “size” issue will always come up as some measure of greatness or capability.

Bigger is not better. Better is better.

I’ve been saying this for years as it pertains to credit union and the obsession with growth. I guess it’s natural. When the CU Journal comes out with their 100 years of credit unions issue they can’t help but list credit unions by asset size. It always starts with the biggest. (nice publication btw – great history page).

How cool would it be to list the top 100 credit unions by the LEAST amount of assets. What would that list look like? It would probably include the names of the few single sponsor coops that are still in the front of a house or the basement of a company or church. It would surely include financial institutions with a staff of ONE. One person that has to act as marketer, CFO, human resources, compliance, technology – not to mention – teller, MSR, loan officer, collector. Whew.

I think these unsung heroes deserve mention. Remember, even the biggest credit union in the world started out small.