GUEST BLOGGER: Mark Sadowski, author of It’s Accrual World!

This has been a trying week for bankers. Yipeeee! We’re credit unions!
We don’t HAVE shareholders. We don’t have a plummeting stock price! We have the NCUSIF backing our member’s deposits, not the FDIC which is almost out of money!!

Segue: I took Denise to see Spamalot on Broadway earlier this month. We’re big Monty Python fans. It’s based on Monty Python’s Holy Grail.

This week, we came up with our own script, over wine – with apologies to the Flying Circus:

A cart passes through the muddy road that is Wall Street.
A dismissed CEO cries. Stockholders wrestle in the mud. A woman beats Jimmy Cayne.


Bring out your dead!
Bring out your dead!

As each stockholder comes forward with his or her dead bank, they throw them on the cart. The Cart-Master holds his hand out and they pay.

A man comes with a dead-looking bank in a dirty nightshirt slung over his shoulder…starts to put him on the cart…

Man: Here’s one.
Cart-Master. Ninepence.
Old Bank (WaMu): But I’m NOT DEAD!
Cart-Master: (surprised) WHAT?
Old Bank (WaMU): I’m not dead!
Man: Yes he is.
Cart-Master: ‘Ere! ‘E says he’s not!
Man: Well…..he will be soon…..

And then…there’s my attempt at a video….enjoy!!!