These are my top ten favorite sound bites from the best BarCampBank so far…..BC.

“You have to have the courage to make mistakes.”

“It’s not good for anything to just grow, grow, grow….that’s cancer!”

“Some members say ‘Who are YOU to tell me what to do with my money?’ (when they are borrowing) If you think about it – it’s NOT their money, it’s someone ELSE’S!”

“The Turkey Principle (as it applies to the housing market in America): How do we know the true life span of a turkey? We base it on the previous experience. The turkey will live the next day because he lived today – the market did not account for Thanksgiving.”

“On, the shame of non-repayment is back.”

“What if we “pooled” members into micro-credit unions to enter into some kind of contract with each other?”

“What value is growth adding to the cooperative?” We should always ask this question.

“ – Like – match people up based on their credit scores.”

In Canada – “Do credit unions work together? Yes, we call it coopera-tition.”

“This is not the great depression, this is Japan in the ‘80s.” (referring to America’s economic crisis).

A hearty thanks goes to Gene Blishen, William Azaroff and Tim McAlpine for hosting such a great event.