Since the Bail Out Bill* was introduced, I’ve been in Vancouver BC, Roanoke, Virginia, Salt Lake City, Utah, Osh Kosh, Wisconsin, Port Jefferson, New York, Issaquah, Washington and now I’m in San Diego, California.

No, I’m not running for office, this is the peak speaking/planning session season.

Anyway – rather than just launching in with the hired topic, it was decided that we not ignore the economic crisis, but rather, weave it into the presentation/facilitation.

There was some hesitancy to ask questions at first. No one wants to feel like they’re wrong or ignorant. A show on FOX recently interviewed a few PhDs and they admitted that it’s hard for THEM to make sense of it all.

I think we need to talk. It may not be politically correct but here goes.
Questions I could not answer:

Why are credit unions included in this bill? What should we tell our members?

Could we have still benefited from the increase to our share insurance fund without being on the bill?

Why are CUNA and NAFCU talking merger right now? Isn’t that a distraction?

Who advised Dan Mica? Should there have been a credit union vote?

Will we be united or divided on this issue?

Blogs are meant to be conversations. Please comment.

I don’t have the answers….but I know there are tons of questions.

These are troubling times.

* aka
Troubled Asset Relief Plan (TARP)
HR 3997
Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008