It seemed like just last year that I was bragging before a marketing crowd that I had spent $600 on the new iPhone. Sure, I got my $100 “apology” Apple Store gift certificate from Steve Jobs (which was brilliant, btw, you can’t buy anything at the Apple store for under 100 bucks!). I’m an early adopter when it comes to things that make my business easier.

A couple of months ago Mark and I thought nothing of standing in line for 45 minutes at the U Village Apple store (in the rain) so he could get the new 3G iPhone (making my purchase look like kind of like a slug).

But apparently today I can grab some ground beef, saline solution, toilet paper and oh, an iPhone at WalMart!!!

I’m okay with that so long as Steve sends me a letter of authenticity that I can stick to my forehead that says “Proudly spent too much for my phone – ORIGINAL iPhone owner. Doesn’t shop at WalMart.”

cWhat the hell? That would be like Cheryl Tiegs deciding to partner with SEARS or Martha Stewart with K-Mart – oh wait…….story4kmart