denise-crazy-picI’m a New Yorker. It’s official. We flew into LaGuardia Sunday afternoon. Drove down the LIE to Port Jeff. Hit the Target for some supplies and there I saw her. A woman that had EXACTLY my same hair color. I gasped, so did she. We paused, and she said “Nice ha-ih.” (that’s Lawn Guy Land for Hair).

I knew I was home.

It started to snow. And snow. Like I’ve never seen snow before (originally from Portland, Oregon). We hunkered down in the lobby bar of our hotel, ordered a Kettle One martini and a dozen oysters on the half shell.

The next day we went to Wal Mart to buy a snow shovel. Couldn’t find any so we asked a nice gal that worked there. She yells down an aisle “Hey Tony, we have any shovels left?” Tony yells back “No!” Then I hear him under his breath say “What ya, go a whole yea-ah widout a shovel?”

I love this place……..

Not a big fan of the snow shoveling btw.
Will continue my story tomorrow – I gotta meet the boyz in half an hour to unload my stuff.